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The specialist service for rehabilitation of the sports horse





At Award Equine Physio, we are proud to be offering a totally unique approach to the rehabilitation of sports horses. 

We understand, first hand, how complex rehabilitation can be for you and your horse, but yet, effective well managed and executed rehabilitation can be the missing jigsaw piece for creating and establishing a sound, happy and healthy horse. 

Our rehabilitation package, will be like no other.

We will guide you through every step of the way, from your horse arriving home from the vets. 

We will support you to create a complete team around you, to ensure you and your horse have every aspect of movement and function addressed. 

We will teach you every aspect required of the rehabilitation, so you can be confident with carrying this out, along with very intensive physio sessions, to keep you all on track. 


A truly bespoke package will be created for you and your horse, along with a supportive community to be a part of through this journey of rehabilitation. 

To get started with your horses to soundness, please complete the form below and we will be in touch to organise the initial consultation 

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