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Award Equine Physio offers a unique 
range of workshops & clinics for Riders 


Horse owner massage course
- The Fundamentals of horse owner massage and stretching- 

This workshop is designed for you and your horse to attend, and is designed for horse owners who want to help their horses by stretching and massage. 

You will learn  massage techniques, that you can practice on your horse, supervised by Alice Walker, Equine Physio. 

You will also learn and practice stretching your horse, and points to focus on, to enable the best outcome!

These sessions will be interactive, and there will be ample opportunity for questions and discussion 

The cost includes a stable for the session 

£115 per person/ horse

Coming soon!

The Rider; Inside Out Workshops for Rider's

These workshops are aimed at rider's of all levels. 

You will learn about your body, how it can effect the horse and ways you can improve your mobility and stability. 

You will receive a workbook, along with exercises to continue with at home

Coming soon!


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