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Enhancing the Health and Performance of Your Equine Partner



Supporting you both through the journey of recovery 

Rehabilitation can be a challenging journey, for you and your horse. We will support you throughout this journey, with a tailored assessment and treatment programme, working closely with treating vets and the team that works around you & your horse, ensuring that everyone is working together.

A bespoke package of musculoskeletal care will be delivered and prescribed, ensuring that the recovery of your horse is optimised


Focused session, optimising your horse’s performance  

Ensuring that your horse is in peak performance, is a focus of many riders. Equine performance focused physiotherapy session allows us to detect issues early on, before they are problematic, as well as ensuring all aspects of the musculoskeletal system are as strong and mobile as possible. From assessment of your horse’s static and dynamic posture and movement patterns, a targeted treatment programme will be formulated, to ensure that your horse is functioning at peak performance. To ensure that progress continues to be made between sessions, a bespoke exercise programme will be prescribed. This is suitable for all levels of horse and rider


Supporting you to support your horse to function at their best 

Your horses work programme can have a significant impact on their health and performance. Utilising physiotherapy knowledge, we can support you to create a unique and specific exercise programme, for you to follow, to enhance your horses overall health and performance. This is suitable for all levels of horse and rider, and injuries and rehabilitation can be factored into the programme.  

Equine Physio: Services
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