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Your Questions Answered

How can physiotherapy help?


Physiotherapy can be beneficial for all horses and riders. Physiotherapy can be preventative; helping maintain you and your horse in the best musculoskeletal health, which in turn prevents injuries occurring. Physiotherapy can also support you and your horse through rehabilitation, with specific focus on an injury, improving healing time and ensuring the desired results are achieved. 

How many sessions will I need to feel the benefit? 

Each assessment and treatment session, whether for the horse or the rider, is individually tailored. Therefore, the number of sessions required is dependent on the findings of the initial assessment. Usually, you will feel the benefit after the first session, however this is dependent on your individual difficulties. 

We recommend regular follow up sessions after the initial assessment, to optimise the results. The Physiotherapist will discuss how many sessions may be required, as well as the frequency, during your initial assessment. 

How far do you travel?

Award Equine Physio is based in Dorset and covers the South West region. 

What is a Charted Physiotherapist?

The title ‘Chartered Physiotherapist’ is protected by law, in reference to human Physiotherapists. It is used by Physiotherapists who have achieved a high level of academic and practical training in all aspects of physiotherapy and are consequently qualified and registered. 

Do I need a veterinary referral prior to my horse having physiotherapy? 

If you are requesting an appointment to focus on improving your horse’s performance, and they are not lame, veterinary consent is not required prior to treating. 

If your horse is lame, or there is an on-going underlying condition, as part of best practice, we will contact your veterinarian to discuss prior to assessment and treatment

What form of payment do you accept? 

We accept cash, Bacs or card payment. Payment is required on the day of the appointment and charges for late payment will be issued

Do you accept insurance claims? 

Please discuss with your insurance company regarding what is covered under your policy. We will still request payment on the day but we will provide you with a receipt, so you are able to claim from the insurance company.

What does after care support include? 

After care will be bespoke to you and your horse's needs and will be discussed and agreed after the assessment/ treatment. Every horse and rider assessment and treatment session completed, will be written in a report, and sent to your inbox. This will include the exercises explained and prescribed during your session, as well as a summary of the findings and treatment.    

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