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"When my four year old Warmblood, Reggie, suffered
a tendon injury, it really brought home just how
vital the correct Physio, rehab and management is
in getting your horse back to its best"





Hi, I'm Alice the lead physio and founder of Award Equine Physio. 

Award Equine Physio was born out of my life long love of Horses combined with years of studying both human and equine anatomy and biomechanics.


After qualifying as a human and equine physiotherapist in 2012 I founded Award Equine Physio and since then we have treated in excess of 300 Horse and Rider combinations, helping them to achieve their goals and overcome a vast array of injuries.


Only a year after starting Award Equine Physio I was faced with a challenging rehab of my very own. When Reggie, my 5 year old Warmblood, who was the love of my equine life, suffered a career ending tendon injury. This cut short all of my plans to compete or even ride him at all. His years of rehabilitation and strict management resulted in him being sound and able to compete at medium level dressage.

This journey of rehabilitation and strict performance management with Reggie highlighted to me the importance of a specific approach to all horses exercise management that underpins Award Equine’s approach to physiotherapy.  

With many different levels of horse and riders treated, I have developed a deep understanding of the unique demands that are required of the body to fulfil the complex nature of riding or being ridden. My approach is calm and considerate, but I am passionate about educating riders, to optimise the wellbeing, harmony and health of both the horse & rider.



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